Anaerobic Threadlockers form a hard lock and are applied to a fastener then installed into the mating part. In the absence of air and the presence of metal, a chemical reaction takes places which causes the material to harden, unitizing the assembly

Vibra-Tite anaerobic thread sealants secure metal pipes and fittings by filling the space between threaded metal parts. Thread sealants prevent leakage caused by tape shredding, vibration loosening, solvent evaporation, and damaged threads. Vibra-Tit

Vibra-Tite anaerobic retaining compounds are designed to increase shear strength on non-threaded cylindrical metal assemblies. The liquid anaerobic material fills the voids between close-fitting metal parts and cures to a toughened thermoset-plastic

Anaerobic Gasket Makers alleviate the need for preformed gaskets. They remain liquid when exposed to air and cure when confined between mating flanges. Prevents corrosion and galling of threads. Can fill gaps as large as 0.050  

RTV Silicone Gasket Makers are designed for bonding, sealing, adhering and seam sealing. Excellent chemical resistance. Withstands extreme temperature cycling. One-part formulation cures with moisture. Extremely flexible. Solvent-free. Max Gap Fill .

The Anti-Seize 907 family of lubricants is specially formulated to prevent seizing, galling, pitting, excessive wear, and corrosion. The lubricating formulation is a protective paste consisting of fine flakes of graphite suspended in a blend of lubri